Swiss Chocolate & Heroine Makeup
I need a pocket sized Zoe. Too cute. <3 
Kylie Minogue - Elle UK - Cuneyt Akeroglu - 2013

gossmakeupartist tutorial - HOW TO: SMOKEY EDITORIAL EYE - INC DRUG STORE DUPE 

Tanya’s way of showing us how small her makeup bag is. I think we should all buy makeup bags that are the size of our heads haha. Stunning as always! 
never enough Tanya’s..

So, get ready for some cheeeeeeese! ;) Ever since i started to watch your videos, along with great advice came this really good feeling. It wasn’t a feeling that would pass in a couple of minutes, it had a genuine depth to it it. It was truly magical to me because I didn’t feel it very often. I’ve felt it every single time i’ve watched your videos for the past 2 years and half. Happiness. Tanya, you define happiness to me. I value happiness because i’ve had severe depression along with a buffet of mental illnesses for about 7 years now (haha buffet..i make myself laugh), i’m 18..watching and experiencing your journey with you has been an amazing gift. I cannot give you enough thanks for all the advice, confidence, comfort and smiles you’ve given me. I hope i put a smile on your face at least once, Happy Birthday Beautiful. 

Baring my soul = Completed ;)

Taylor Swift BRITs makeup tutorial by Tanya Burr. Personally think Tanya wears it better ;) Check it out!
One of my absolute favourite tutorials the “Love you like a love song” Selena Gomez tutorial by the amazing Tanya Burr! You guys need to witness Tanya do her magic!
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